Friday, May 28, 2010

New photos!

just a few quick pics of some finished pieces
spoon rest

new mug design w/ funky glaze pattern

garlic graters

footed slab plate

large round caserole

carved french butter dish

so whatcha think??

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

heebie jeebies and neglected glaze firings

I had a glaze load going last night and i went out to check on my kiln. my studio door is in the garage, and our little air compressor was sitting right in front of the door to my studio. i mean right up against the door, i had to move it to get the door open. I didn't put it there.  it's usually a foot or so to the side of the door. the kids hadnt been out there, dogs either. even so they probably couldn't move it if they wanted to. my husband wasn't home. i promptly got a case of the heebie-jeebies! i mean big time.  i slowly moved it and opened the door to my studio expecting the boogie man to jump out at me. no boogie man so i plugged up my kiln and high tailed it back in the house, leaving all the lights on. i had to go back out there when the kiln reached temp to set it to cool slowly.

all sorts of scenarios went through my head. some kid trying to give me the willies. if so it worked. serial killer hiding in the loft above the garage waiting to come in and slaughter us all. not likely i know but still... a ghost. i know, i know, but ghosts scare the crap out of me, real or imagined. (kyle loves making fun of me when we watch a ghost movie.) i ended up creeping myself out to the point that i couldn't go back out there. no way no how. screw the kiln, it can shut off on it's own and cool naturally, i don't care!

so after a very restless night and not alot of sleep i still have the creeps this morning. i get the kids ready for school and head out the front door to take the kids to school. and my truck doesn't start. i instantly revise my thoughts of the culprit to a pshcho serial killer who doesn't want us to leave the house. (we're in the country, but do have a couple neighbors) i open the garage door to see if the battery charger is charged up so i can jump my truck and the air compressor is moved again. ACK!!!!!!!

but wait...something is going on here. i make myself think logically and notice a piece of wood wedged under the side of the compressor and it's plugged in. looks like it's kicking on and vibrating itself across the floor. ahhh.... back to reality. i must stop watching those scary movies and keep my nose out of the creepy books.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I am such a BAD blogger!!

well, not all that bad i guess but i just can't seem to find the time to write anything lately. it's been pretty busy around here, i've been working pretty hard trying to get my studio in order. drywall and insulation is up, heater is in, wheel and extruder is in place, now i'm working on getting some shelving and countertops in place, pics below. both shots are on the same wall to either side of the door. i still need to tape and mud the drywall but i want to get to work, i figure i'll do that later.

all this while trying to get some work completed!! right now i've got a glaze fire going, i'll probably be up 1/2 the night tending the darn thing. i'd have waited till tomorrow but tuesdays are therapy day in our house and i'll be headed to helena for various appts and errand running. plus i've got a few orders in there that i want to get shipped out ASAP. and i need to get some things listed in my etsy shop. sooo much to do and so little time. one new developement that i'm looking forward to is a friend of mine has a daughter in 8th grade that wants to learn more about pottery. i've been asked to teach her in exchange for her baby sitting for me!! perfect transaction as far as i'm concerned. i've made it very clear that i'm no teacher nor a master potter by any means, but i can get her though the basics easily enough. and she can watch the kids while i get in some studio time. can't wait!!

so i'm trying to expand my online presence a bit. i made up a fanpage on facebook, but can't figure out how to link it up w/ everything. oh well... i'll get it eventually. i also joined the etsy mud team a couple weeks back. such a nice and helpful group of people, i've already learned so much from them and i'm looking forward to the challenges. i can already tell i'll be modivated to step out of my comfort zone which i'm looking forward to. you should see the platter i'm workign on for the blue challenge lol. and i really need to work on my website. it's pretty pathetic and has a bunch of older stuff on it. yet one more thing to put on the list. maybe i'm tryign to do too much at one time. duh. you think?!? lol...

off to pick up gracie at the bus stop. hopefully i'll post some pics later in the week.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gracie's ingenious idea for a plate

just had to put this on here. this morning i went out on the deck and there was a big stick that one of the kids found in the yard yesterday. I of course instantly think pottery (it was a cool stick!) and want to know where it came from. gracie waves her hand around and says "oh, out in the yard somewhere." i should say here that we have 3 1/2 acres. i tell her i want to know because i think it'd make a cool handle for a pot. she says, all excited "OH, i've got a great idea for some pottery mom! you can make a plate, and put a big hole in the bottom! that way any liquid or greasey stuff can drain off!" (must discuss functionality w/ this child some time) "THEN, when your not using the plate you can put it on this big stick!!" all said just bubbling w/ enthusiasm lol. gotta love the girl. now off to fire the bisque kiln.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First thrown teapot

Not sure why i've never made a teapot before. Well, not on the wheel anyway. dont know if i like the knob or not but i'm liking the pulled handle. What do you think?

Monday, May 10, 2010

how come i can never come up w/ a catchy title?!?

just a few quick pictures. i finished up this square caserole today, i love how it turned out.

playing around w/ a new mug design, not happy just yet, but i'm getting there

and here's my 1st attempt at goblets. they're a bit tall i think, kyle says they look more like a chalice and i need to get out the gold overglaze lol.

lots more stuff on the ware rack, seems i'm not keeping the promise i made to myself not to let the greenware build up. i just can't help myself though, i get an idea and i have to go w/ it. after exploring the Bray over the weekend now i have yard sculptures on the brain lol. too bad i don't have a huge kiln to put the stuff in...

i think i've figured out the secret to working w/ kylie around. everything has to be up above her level, esp whatever i'm working on. i still can't throw w/ her around since my wheel is set up to throw while sitting. but when we move it out to my new studio space we'll put it up on cinderblocks and i'll start standing up to throw. the only thing on her level will be stuff she can't get into, and i'll put something out to keep her busy. today it was a small bucket of water and a couple of tools i don't use very often. worked like a charm! next time maybe i'll give her a rag w/ the bucket and see if she'll clean anything lol.

so the kids are in bed and it's time for me to get to work.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a Great Mothers Day!

It's been a great mothers day today. heck, a good weekend actually. We went to Archie Bray yesterday for the Mothers Day Pots and Plants Sale. it's an annual event, but it's the first time we've gone. I met up w/ a local Facebook friend Gary who showed me all around the grounds, the artists' studios, the student work areas, gallery, and all the various kilns. (Thanks again Gary!!) There are sculptures everywhere, many of which i've seen, but much of it is hidden only to be revealed when exploring between buildings and back where no one would think to look. I've included a few pictures below, but there's so much more to see, what an awesome place! There was also a lot of fantastic pots for sale that were made by the resident artists and were filled w/ various plants and flowers. Gracie dragged my husband Kyle off and talked him into buying me something for mom's day. they snuck it in the car while making me keep my eyes closed, so i knew they'd gotten something, but had no idea what it was.

Here's Cooper standing under a gigantic statue behind the old brick factory.

This is one of my favorite sculptures on the grounds of the Bray.

Kids climbing on the brick piles.

Kyle's favorite, the giant yellow baby sitting on the shard pile LOL

Gary also introduced me to several of the artists at the Bray, and i got to meet Martha Grover who's work is on the cover of Ceramics Monthly this month. I always imagine artists like that would be a bit snobbish or just not have time to chat w/ the rabble, but she couldn't have been any nicer. actually almost all the potters i've met have been sooo nice and helpful, i feel very lucky to have chosen a hobby/profession that is filled w/ such friendly and helpful people.

so this morning i was made to stay in bed while the rest of the gang cooked breakfast. coffee was brought in, followed shortly by my 'suprise' pot from the Bray. turns out Gracie had picked out one of Martha Grover's vases for me! Kyle said she zeroed in on it right away and insisted that "that's the one!" she looked at others to please her dad, but went right back to that one and insisted she be able to buy it for me. i was thrilled! as you can see it's absolutely beautiful! i took the flowers out to take the picture

the rest of the day was up to me, so what do you think i wanted to do? that's right, work on my studio lol. i finished up the drywall and kyle put in the door and the heater. there's lots more to do, but my studio is just about functional so i'll be moving in before too much longer and i can't wait!