Tuesday, November 17, 2009

didn't get a darn thing done yesterday.  well, i threw 3 plates and cleaned my work space a little, but that's it.  the problem? my daughter has 4 teeth coming in at once and she was a little monster yesterday.  that and she's got some on going medical issues and i had to run a couple errands to get some stuff for a urine test they're going to do today.  poor thing turned 1yo over the weekend and has already been through so much, so many blood tests, so many drs, now it's come down to a urine test.  i do not want the dx they're leaning towards, but it would at least end the questions of what the heck is wrong w/ her.  we won't find out for a couple months, guess it takes awhile for the test, but if it comes back positive this will be the 2nd rare disease/syndrome the the girl has had. ok, enough of the personal stuff.  i don't plan on putting alot of this stuff in here, but occasionally i suppose i just need to get it out of my head. 
on the agend for today - the urine test stuff of course, lots of slabs (did i say i really want a slab roller??), portion clay, need to throw and personalize some soup bowls and plates.  also want to make some kids dinner sets.  will post some pictures of what i get done.
kids are up, got to get busy...

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