Sunday, November 15, 2009

Man it's been a busy weekend.  Kids birthday parties, family dinners, worrying about my 1yo (unknown medical issues) and still working on cutting up that elk, my goodness that thing's huge - 60lbs of meat so far and still haven't started on the haunches...  So it's time to get back to work tomorrow and I really need to get my hands dirty.  It's fascinating to me how the dirtier I get the better I feel about things in general.  On the agenda - unload my kiln, finally! Portion out some clay and roll some slabs in the AM (what I wouldn't give for a slab roller). And hopefully if I can get the baby down for a nap while my 3yo is in preschool I'll throw some mugs, soup bowls, candle holders, and plates. Then when the kids are in bed I need to mix up some glazes. we'll see if I can get it all done... my hope is that by writing all this down for the world to see I'll have a goal to focus on and not get distracted on a spur of the moment project like I tend to do sometimes.  Of course those projects often turn out pretty good, but not always.  Tune in tomorrow to see what I actually accomplish...

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