Tuesday, November 17, 2009

not a totally useless day

well I got lots of slabs rolled today, that's something i guess.  I layered them in a large rubbermaid bin so they'll be ready to go when i need them.  have i mentioned that i really want to get a slab roller lol...  I'll be putting the kids to bed shortly and will get to work throwing a few things and then maybe mix up a batch or two of glazes.  so not a completely useless day i suppose, even though i would like to have gotten done a little more. 
i would have gotten more done, but the little collection bag for my daughter's urine sample kept falling off and i wasn't able to get a sample at all.  ended up having to drive out to helena to pick some more bags up from the hospital there.  i'll be glad when this is all over and done with. 

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