Tuesday, May 25, 2010

heebie jeebies and neglected glaze firings

I had a glaze load going last night and i went out to check on my kiln. my studio door is in the garage, and our little air compressor was sitting right in front of the door to my studio. i mean right up against the door, i had to move it to get the door open. I didn't put it there.  it's usually a foot or so to the side of the door. the kids hadnt been out there, dogs either. even so they probably couldn't move it if they wanted to. my husband wasn't home. i promptly got a case of the heebie-jeebies! i mean big time.  i slowly moved it and opened the door to my studio expecting the boogie man to jump out at me. no boogie man so i plugged up my kiln and high tailed it back in the house, leaving all the lights on. i had to go back out there when the kiln reached temp to set it to cool slowly.

all sorts of scenarios went through my head. some kid trying to give me the willies. if so it worked. serial killer hiding in the loft above the garage waiting to come in and slaughter us all. not likely i know but still... a ghost. i know, i know, but ghosts scare the crap out of me, real or imagined. (kyle loves making fun of me when we watch a ghost movie.) i ended up creeping myself out to the point that i couldn't go back out there. no way no how. screw the kiln, it can shut off on it's own and cool naturally, i don't care!

so after a very restless night and not alot of sleep i still have the creeps this morning. i get the kids ready for school and head out the front door to take the kids to school. and my truck doesn't start. i instantly revise my thoughts of the culprit to a pshcho serial killer who doesn't want us to leave the house. (we're in the country, but do have a couple neighbors) i open the garage door to see if the battery charger is charged up so i can jump my truck and the air compressor is moved again. ACK!!!!!!!

but wait...something is going on here. i make myself think logically and notice a piece of wood wedged under the side of the compressor and it's plugged in. looks like it's kicking on and vibrating itself across the floor. ahhh.... back to reality. i must stop watching those scary movies and keep my nose out of the creepy books.


  1. I would have totally flipped out too. Glad everything worked out okay.

  2. That would have freaked me out too. My Grandkids have a weird little talking toy that blurts out in the middle of the night sometimes. It's just freaky.

  3. Hehehe, glad you found out what it was in the end :)

  4. lol, thanks guys. for while there i was convinced some kind of stephen king scenario was happening in my garage lol.

    dirtkicker, we've got a ride on zebra that kicks in like that, often in the middle of the night. that thing drives me nuts but kylie loves the thing. i tell ya it's out the door as soon as she loses interest!

  5. I worked in a haunted pottery for a year. I'm not superstitious, don't believe in the supernatural.... but.
    But. My co-worker and i would often look up, and across the room at the same time.. both convinced we'd just seen someone standing there, assuming it was a customer. We'd hear the bell on the door ring as the door was opened... Even though it was locked and bolted. We'd see the feet and lower legs of someone sitting in the loft-hatch, look up again, they'd be gone. One day, I'd been up in the loft, tidying and labelling sacks of dry materials, stacking everything neatly.
    An hour later, we could hear someone walking about upstairs, we assumed it was our part-timer, weighing out a glaze batch. My colleague shouted up that we'd just made fresh coffee, did he want some? No answer. The noises stopped.. No reply to a further shout. I went up the steps (out of sight from our wheels), and found dust in the air, chaos, bags dragged all over the place, nobody there.
    The outside door was locked, bolted on the inside. And no footprints in the six inches of snow all around the building.
    I can't explain it. The old guy in the neighbouring building told us he wouldn't come in ours after dark, because he said "you're not alone in there".
    One night, to test the theory out, win a bet, (and to try figure out a kiln problem) I agreed to stay the night, sleeping on the slabroller table.
    Absolutely nothing happened.

  6. ok soubriquet, you just gave me a major case of the willys!! i mean it. i'm completely creeped out. i don't think i could handle working in a haunted place like that. irrational i know, but i can't help it!

  7. I used to go in a pub that was claimed to be haunted, eighteenth century coaching inn, the landlady said she'd seen glasses whiz along the bar and fly off the far end, that locked doors would open, that her husband, a big tough guy had come running down the stairs, white faced, had seen a woman in historical clothing in the attic and she'd smiled at him.

    Well, that explained it. I don't think Joanna ever smiled at him, It may be he found being smiled at by any woman unnerving. after I laughed at him, he challenged me to spend twenty minutes alone in the attic. I took the bet, and my beer, and sat at the top of the steps for twenty minutes. No mystery woman smiled at me. I felt cheated.
    But I won a gallon of beer and a meal in the restaurant up the road.
    Cheers, Ghost-lady!

  8. ok, you gotta stop w/ the ghost stories, you've got me jumping at shadows! totally irrational i know, i just can't seem to help myself. :)

  9. I knew at once because Gary has been using the air compressor to chip out the tile with the air chisel and he told me it moves on its own. Would be scary at first though; glad you got it figured out.

  10. I am with you- no ghost stories- I am one of those people who jumps and does not watch scary movies!
    I figured out it was walking as well- but still...