Friday, May 28, 2010

New photos!

just a few quick pics of some finished pieces
spoon rest

new mug design w/ funky glaze pattern

garlic graters

footed slab plate

large round caserole

carved french butter dish

so whatcha think??


  1. Oooh, I think they're lovely! Am I right in thinking that these glazes are not glossy, and they just have a bit of a sheen? That's how they look in the photos and I like it very much!

  2. Hot Pots!
    They look great
    I love this third degrees ----I keep finding through the blog.
    So you lived near ODU!
    Every time I am back in Ghent I think I could live there.
    It has been 38 years since I lived there, but maybe..... one day...

  3. undaunted, yes most are semi-matt glazes. i almost have my cooling schedule down in my kiln, i think i'll try another hour next fire before i shut the kiln off and see what it does. i'm pretty happy w/ these though.

    meredith, small world huh? i used to live in a tiny little dive apt on 49th street in '93 i believe. worked at the salty dog bar which was a total dive but i had fun lol. can't believe the area has so many fantastic potters and i never saw a one! of course didn't start makign functional pots till i moved to MT, made sculptures in VA. if i ever go back i'll have to visit all these great places, including yours!

  4. A nice firing Kim. I like the casserole a lot, the glazing is very effective.

  5. I've never used one of those garlic graters, what a great idea; the planters are sweet, love the handle on them. Love the warm glazes.

  6. regarding your previous post: no doubt you should write fiction...
    I love the glaze combination on the caserole, and the brilliant idea of the garlic grater- I have never seen something like that here, or anywhere...

  7. What do I think?? I think the pieces are super!..great glaze combinations, Kim...and the garlic graters...they really work??
    Nice to see you posting..and glad the 'heebie jeebies' were harmless...:)) crazy how our minds wander!..cheers. t.

  8. thanks varda, that glaze combo is one of my favorites. i've seen similar garlic graters but none exactly the way i did these. seemed to me to be the logical way to make them lol.

    hi trish! i'm buying some garlic and ginger today to test them out just to make sure, but i'm thinking they should work fine. i'll let you know :)