Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a Great Mothers Day!

It's been a great mothers day today. heck, a good weekend actually. We went to Archie Bray yesterday for the Mothers Day Pots and Plants Sale. it's an annual event, but it's the first time we've gone. I met up w/ a local Facebook friend Gary who showed me all around the grounds, the artists' studios, the student work areas, gallery, and all the various kilns. (Thanks again Gary!!) There are sculptures everywhere, many of which i've seen, but much of it is hidden only to be revealed when exploring between buildings and back where no one would think to look. I've included a few pictures below, but there's so much more to see, what an awesome place! There was also a lot of fantastic pots for sale that were made by the resident artists and were filled w/ various plants and flowers. Gracie dragged my husband Kyle off and talked him into buying me something for mom's day. they snuck it in the car while making me keep my eyes closed, so i knew they'd gotten something, but had no idea what it was.

Here's Cooper standing under a gigantic statue behind the old brick factory.

This is one of my favorite sculptures on the grounds of the Bray.

Kids climbing on the brick piles.

Kyle's favorite, the giant yellow baby sitting on the shard pile LOL

Gary also introduced me to several of the artists at the Bray, and i got to meet Martha Grover who's work is on the cover of Ceramics Monthly this month. I always imagine artists like that would be a bit snobbish or just not have time to chat w/ the rabble, but she couldn't have been any nicer. actually almost all the potters i've met have been sooo nice and helpful, i feel very lucky to have chosen a hobby/profession that is filled w/ such friendly and helpful people.

so this morning i was made to stay in bed while the rest of the gang cooked breakfast. coffee was brought in, followed shortly by my 'suprise' pot from the Bray. turns out Gracie had picked out one of Martha Grover's vases for me! Kyle said she zeroed in on it right away and insisted that "that's the one!" she looked at others to please her dad, but went right back to that one and insisted she be able to buy it for me. i was thrilled! as you can see it's absolutely beautiful! i took the flowers out to take the picture

the rest of the day was up to me, so what do you think i wanted to do? that's right, work on my studio lol. i finished up the drywall and kyle put in the door and the heater. there's lots more to do, but my studio is just about functional so i'll be moving in before too much longer and i can't wait!


  1. Wow, what a super day you had, great vase and working with clay, cant' wait to see your studio.

  2. Wow, what a fantastic place to visit! Were all those sculptures made of clay? They must have had some big kilns!!

    Your daughter has very good taste! I'm looking forward to seeing your studio too!

  3. hi Linda, i'll post pics when i get it set up, hopefully soon!!

    Undaunted, there's kilns all over the place. electric, gas, wood, raku. most are pretty darn big. Archie Bray started out as a brick factory so some of the kilns are ginormous, though most of those aren't being used anymore. the line of statues above are life sized, some over 6feet i believe. the big one w/ the wings looks like it was built in sections. we go there all the time, i'll post more pictures next time i go. there's clay work EVERYWHERE!

    Hi Gary, you should see it in person, my picture doesn't do it justice at all.