Friday, April 30, 2010

still here...

yes i'm still here, not much clay going on this past week though i do have some pics to post of some finished work. that'll be in thenext post though.... we had 7 screaming 7yo girls here saturday for Gracie's Bday party/sleepover, plus cooper and kylie of course. i really should have stockpiled headache meds, earplugs, and valium LOL. seriously though, we had a great time. not everybody stayed the night, but everybody got along, cooper was a good boy and gracie really enjoyed herself. we almost cancelled it because our water pump went out on thursday. but a reschedule wasn't really possible so we figured what the heck, lets go for it, running water or no. kyle was out in the yard all day friday w/ an excavator digging a HUGE hole in our lawn to get to the wiring for hte pump. so after digging the hole and trying various methods of getting the pump up through the pipe, the hole's still there and first thing i have to do in the mornign is call a pro out here to fix it. now it'll end up costing alot more than if we'd just called a pro in the first place. oh well, guess you don't learn a lesson if it doesn't cost you something. so i'm in high gear on the pottery making, we need the cash and i need to stock some inventory for craft shows/farmers markets this summer.

i did finally have the chance to get on my wheel again today. i tried out some gobblets for the first time, we'll see how the parts go together and i'm keeping my fingers crossed! also 4 gigantic tumblers, some hanging planters, more soup bowls, i worked out a new design for some footed mugs- some of which will have covers. i made the walls for a caserole and also a large pasta bowl. still have a few more pieces to make to fill a few orders and a bisque kiln, but i'm close. i'm determined not to let the greenware pile up like last time. after 4 glaze loads in a row i was glazing pots in my sleep!

now my attention has been grabbed by the Stephen Hawking show on the discovery channel. the man has always facinated me, so i'm gonna rewind and go watch it, more tommorrow and maybe a few pics too! :)


  1. good to "read" you back, i feel the wave of energy down to here... so happy i have already don with birthdays party for little kids :-P
    waiting to see the pics.

  2. Isn't that just the way it goes, problems dealing with everyday life, relax and immerse yourself in your favorite program and all seems right, hope it all works out quickly.

  3. 錢,給你帶來歡愉的日子,但不給你帶來和平與幸福........................................

  4. thanks for stopping in everybody! :)