Monday, April 5, 2010

new pictures

just some quick pictures of the stuff i pulled out of the kiln today. i used the flash on most of these so the colors are not quite right, but no time to pull out the photo equipment right now. you get the idea though... i'm pretty pleased w/ most of it. there was one order of soup bowls that turned out less than attractive that i need to remake. but the other orders turned out fantastic so i'm happy over all.

juice cup, testing out some colors for a custom order
this is an order of 10 ice cream bowls, this glaze combo is my favorite! i also have a set of 4 nesting bowls in this same combo. it started out as a set of 5, but the big bowl cracked as i suspected it would. maybe that'll teach me to trim things before they dry out too much!
juice cups in the same blue/white combo
ring holders and an eyeglass holder experiment. they hold my glasses nicely for the first attempt!
got an order for 10 of these w/ the bears on them.
the next 2 are the tooth boxes i'm working on. the one on the left is one of the earlier pieces, a little clunky i think. the ones on the right are later attempts and i'm liking them better standing up on the root of the tooth like that. i think i've worked out the best way to make these, just have to work out a few more kinks. i'm not quite happy w/ the glaze on these. i maybe got it a little thin and i think the colors inside are a little darker than what i was wanting. and for some reason the clay where the lids sit is darkened a little. not sure why that's happening. over all i'm happy w/ where these are going. (just in time too, gracie has 3 VERY loose teeth! time to get out the string again lol)

a business card holder. (i can't stand my business cards - ACK!)
a few more glaze combo tests for an order. i really like the juice cup there, and the ramekins are handy to have around too. they're great for baking up some large muffins or a single serving casserole for the kids.

so what do you think? any comments or suggestions are more than welcome. the bulk of this kiln load was orders and i'm glad most turned out well. i've got some interesting things coming up in the next load though. hopefully by the end of the week i'll have more pictures for you.


  1. Kim, some great pots. I like the three tone blue bowls a lot. Very nice. Tooth boxes? I could feel my jaw clenching as I looked at them! With coloured centres, dark red and......I'm starting to feel a bit woozy. Still I suppose that's the point when you make something practical and realistic.

  2. oh my goodness you guys are hysterical! maybe i should have called them TOOTH FARIY BOXES... they're for little kids to put their teeth in for the tooth fairy to find. on the finished product i was planning on tying them up w/ a ribon and bow on top to match the insides. mark, good point about the dark centers, i was wanting pastel colors, turned out a bit darker than i was thinking they'd be. better than the first one though, it turned out this blotchy pink color, reminded me of the inside of a rotted tooth - ACK! perhaps i'll just buy the colors i want instead of trying to mix it. but now that you mention it maybe they are a bit gruesome in the picture. my kid loves them though, but she's known along what they're for. hum... time to experiment a little more :)

  3. Those little tooth boxes are way fun. :) Oh, and if you want some inexpensive fancy business cards, both me and Gary use Endless possibilities. :)

  4. tooth fairy boxes, What a great idea!! :-D

    Ik like the color on the cup in the bottom picture, wonder what that would look like on a darker clay body...

    Good luck with your orders!

  5. Good results, Kim! :)..Yes, the blue/white combo is terrific..the overlap is lovely. and I like the light green on the bottom juice cup. There are so many combos :)..
    Have a great day.Thanks for posting.

  6. Love the tooth fairy boxes! Your tri-color bowls are just beautiful. Looks like you had a great kiln opening :)

  7. thanks for the feedback everybody!

    becky jo- those are from vista print, just don't like what i put on them, the design, the finish, etc lol. need to order more one of these days.

    monique- i haven't used that particular green on a dark clay body, but it's very similar to another green glaze i've used and that one turned a dark green. nice, but i'm liking the brighter colors right now. but if you want the recipe let me know :)

    trish and cindy, glad you guys like those bowls. i've gotten lots of compliments and a few more orders - yeah!