Wednesday, April 14, 2010

new stuff

spent the day taking pictures of the better things from my recent firings. i was fussing with the lights, trying to get everythign to look right and it just wasn't happening. i think i need different lights. so completely frustrated i went out on the deck for a break. it was a sunshiny day here today, still a bit chilly but at least there's no snow right? (snowed ALL DAY here yesterday) anyway, i decided to take my light tent setup out there and just use the natural light. worked great except the wind gusts that kept threatening to take my tent away lol.

so here's a few quick shots of some of the nicer things...

and i need an opinion on this bowl. i had to pour the glaze, it's 13" across and didn't have a big enough pan or enough glaze to dip it, and i didn't get the thickness very even on it. my father in law really likes it, my daughter says "it's the king of all pottery!" (she's 6) i think it's kind of neat but since it's not what i was going for i just can't make up my mind. what do you think? all i see is an alien sunset lol...


  1. the bowel looks like a real summer bowel, I am not sure about the edge of it, because it really hard to see through the photo. I just made a whole bucket (15 litres) of transparent clear glaze, so I can dip a bowel in one dip. the other "stuff" look very beautiful, what glaze is the white one you use?

  2. hi varda, the glaze is pretty thin in spots on the edges of the bowl, and pretty thick in others. not sure why i didn't notice the uneven glaze on there. i have big buckets of some of my glazes, but before i glaze my other big bowls i'm going to mix up big buckets of the rest of them to save me some trouble. that and get a big pan for dipping.

    the white glaze is a ^6 liner i pulled off the internet. i like it alot and it seems to work well w/ most of my glazes. if you want the recipe i can email it to you. :)

  3. Hi Kim...good job! the big bowl..yes, I can see the thinness of the glaze on the rim, but to me it doesn't look all that bad..It does relate to the opposite side of the bowl where it does have some of that colour, so acceptable, --in my humble opinion. :)..and the other pieces are lovely..glad you had a successful firing.
    Yes, we had the snow on Tuesday as well, but not as much as east and south of us a bit..crazzzy weather..beautiful spring day here today.
    I have been doing lots of slab work after the Annie Chrietzberg workshop I went to... I must take some time and do a post this weekend!..
    hope all is well at your house.
    Cheers. .Trish

  4. Your photography is great, your pieces came out great and I like the last bowl.

  5. Hi Kim! Thanks for popping over to my blog! Wow, it sounds like you have your hands full with 3 young ones!

    From what I can see, I think the bowl looks lovely. I love a sort of old and worn look to things. I wish I could see it in the flesh. I always find it hard to like something of my own if it's not quite what I had in mind though, so I understand why you're unsure about it.

    Your other goodies look great too! I really love that mug, 3rd photo row down. :)

  6. hu undaunted (sorry, don't know your name) yes some days i don't know if i'm coming or going. the bowl does look better in person as most things do, but i think it's like you say, it didn't come out how i'd wanted it to so it's bugging me. that mug is one of my favorites. i'm really into the white combos right now and i'm pleased w/ how the mugs are comign along. thanks for the feedback, i'll check your blog out better when i have a chance, :)