Wednesday, April 21, 2010


today i went out to load my kiln for another glaze fire and i found it completely surrounded by all sorts of junk! shelves, buckets of reclaim, ware boards, empty buckets, my wedging table lol. yes Kyle was working on my studio again... so, i had to clear it all away, put away the tools, then decided to move all my shelves around so i could open the window and get some air flow going in there. and while i was at it decided the floor needed a cleaning. yes i actually went on a cleaning spree in the studio. not the easiest thing considering it's under construction but i just couldn't take it anymore. we still have to put up the rest of the drywall, but after that i'll be able to move my wheel and shelves down there. no more carrying greenware down 1 1/2 flights of stairs to be fired, back up to be glazed, back down to be fired, back up to be photographed. you get the idea. it's a total pain in the fanny right now. so now that it's all clean i just finished loading up the kiln and i'll get it going in the morning.

i tell you i'm so sick of glazing, this will be #3 kiln load in a row of glazed pots. i've got a lot of plates in this load. big, small, mostly experiments. note to self- start experimenting on plain slabs of clay instead of your good plates! i fit almost everything in there except for a tray which i'd liked to have fit in there but at least i don't have enough bisque left for another glaze load lol.

so i'll start throwing again this weekend. lots of stuff on the 'need to make list', even more on the 'want to make' list. an aquaintance sent me some applications for craft shows in the area later in the year and there's a weekly farmers market i'm going to try to attend this summer. not weekly, but every 2-3 weeks i think. so i need to up my production and i'm pretty sure i can do it w/ my new setup. right now i spend so much time trying to find what i need, carrying everythign back and forth and packing it back up when i'm done so we can sit down to dinner. that and keeping kylie out of everything. she can't talk but man that kid is smart. you can see the wheels turning trying to figure out how to get something she wants.

so i just changed the title of this post to Rambling since that's what i'm doing now. believe it or not i just deleted a whole paragraph lol. i think i just don't want to get my butt up off the couch, i'm pooped! so off i go...