Saturday, April 3, 2010

been a busy week...

lots going on here this week. mostly family stuff but some clay stuff too. i've fired 2 kiln loads of greenware. then washed it all, waxed it all, and have almost glazed it all. i figure i have enough for at least 3 glaze kiln loads, very possibly 4. that'll teach me to just keep on making the stuff and not fire up my kiln more often lol. i'll hopefully get the kiln going tonight and will have some pictures for you guys on monday if all goes well. this kiln load will mostly be orders i need to fill, but i should have some things to list in my etsy shop. i think i'll take a few pieces to the local gift shop too and see how that goes. come to think of it, tourist season is coming up, maybe i should make some touristy stuff. hummm... time to buy more clay haha. i've forbid myself to buy any more clay until i get all these pieces finished and either mailed out, delivered, and/or up for sale somewhere.

and on the studio front, my husband is down in the garage as i type installing some drywall. so no more walk-through walls! i think i'm getting the layout firmed up in my head now and the end is in sight, i'm very excited to get out there working again instead of using the dining room table. over the years i've worn the finish off of it in spots! good thing i want to refinish it anyway.

he's also told me to go ahead and buy the kiln controller i want. now, this is just the controller board part i'm talking here. he's building one for me on the cheap instead of spending almost $1000 on an after market one. he's still got to buy all the stuff to make it an actual kiln controller and install it, but it's a start right? he says he can do it. i took one look at the wiring diagram and said 'you sure you don't just want to buy one?' but he's pretty confident so i say go for it, all the while keeping my fingers crossed ;)

so stay tuned to see how the glaze fire went. i'm doing some experiments and am anxious to see how they turn out. guess we'll see in the next few days...


  1. Isn't it nice to have a husband that is good with electrical work? I've got one of those... and I'm sure his knowledge is saving us thousands of dollars. Good luck on your drywall!... I'm in the same boat. :)

  2. It's so nice to have people around you who support you and help you to be able to do the things you really want isn't it?
    Good luck to your husband with al the electric stuff, and I hope the glaze firing turns out good!

  3. Wow, HAVE been busy..three/four glaze loads..yay! :)..looking forward to seeing the results..and also..YAY for your husband and the kiln controller..:)..good luck!
    Cheers for now. Trish

  4. hi becky and monique, yes the men folk do come in hand on occasion don't they? lol!

    hi gary! i love my new walls! walls are good!

    yes trish, i've been a busy girl. really i should just fire more, but i get on a roll making things and just can't stop myself. i'm keeping my fingers crossed on the controller, looks way too complicated to me, that's for sure!