Sunday, March 28, 2010

glaze results coming up later this week

been alot going on here but nothing exciting as far as clay goes. i've been working on mixing up many new glazes and getting the test tiles done. hopefully i can get them fired later today. if all goes well i'll actually have some completed pieces to show you later this week. i won't be getting the exact results i want until i get my kiln controller, but i'm going to try to catch the kiln when it shuts off and give it a good soak so i can get closer to what i'm looking for.

i've been doing some thinkign about blogs lately. my favorites are ones that mostly stick to pottery. some personal stuff here and there is great, i enjoy getting to know the writer as a person, but too much is just too much. so i'm probably not going to post as often here, maybe weekly, depends on what's going on here. i want to have something to say about clay and w/ my work schedule lately i'm afraid there's not a whole lot going on here on a daily basis.

so stay tuned, i likely won't post anything more till i can get my glaze fire unloaded, so yall take care! (that's my texas coming out lol)


  1. Hi Kim...thanks for commenting on my last post. I am happy for you that you are getting a controller for your will make things easier, I think...I do not have that luxury yet.:) Yes do try to take a class this is always inspirational. Looks like Archie Bray has some good people coming this summer. I look forward to your glaze results and your posts. Keep well. T.

  2. I'll keep my eyes open for your updates :)

  3. Thanks Kim, I have just wrote Linda that my daughter who studies pottery in art school, didn't like my last firing and acctually told me that I should widen my sgraffito work... and that remark confused me a bit :-( but thanks for your respond, it does show that it is a matter of personal taste isn't it?

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