Tuesday, March 2, 2010

solved my glazemaster problem... turns out i was using a downloaded verson, one i'd never really gotten to work properly. i figured i just needed the directions, but i guess it didn't download properly because i could never get the materials to pop up like the directions said they should. i ended up deleting it out of my files and installing it from the cd, worked on the first try- yeah! i'd heard how easy this program was to use, i seriously thought i was just a moron and missing something obvious to everybody else. glad i finally figured it out...

things went well at the various doc appts and evals today. no genetic or metabolic workup for kylie, they're sending her to an endocrinologist, thinking it's something w/ her adrienal gland (sp?). as for the OT, she'll be going every other week to work on a little fine motor problems, but nothing serious. there's likely some sensory problems too but i don't think they're as bad as my son's has been so good news there. not sure i can handle another wild child like the boy.

so hopefully tomorrow i can get some glazes mixed up. i'm wanting to get on my wheel again. i'm itching to get my hands dirty but probably won't happen till next week. we'll see how it goes... the to do list is HUGE!!!


  1. Good news all 'round. :)
    Good sleep to you and then good time playing in the mud..;)
    Cheers. t.

  2. 快下班囉~來問個安,跟您打聲招呼 ........................................