Tuesday, March 9, 2010

my new fish platter

i made a few hump molds a week or so ago and tried them out yesterday. here are most of the the molds.
mostly just small ones except for the monster fish platter you see there. i've had a cheap-o plastic fish platter for several years and never got around to making the mold i wanted to w/ it but finally got around to doing it.  it worked great as you can see below, but the edges of the mold are pretty thin so i think i'll build up a (coddle?) around the edges of the platter and make a thicker mold eventually. probably be another several years till i get around to it lol.  the platter turned out well though. i left the edges as they came off the mold, just smoothed them a little w/ a sponge. then added some feet w/ openings that you can tie a string between to hang the platter on the wall.  very simple but i really like it alot.
i also made a set of 8 of the little dishes here.
i'll probably use the for testing glazes and they'll probably end up in my cubboard, but i've got a few ideas about how i want to glaze a set of dishes and these will come in handy to test out my ideas. i just took a tupperware container that had a shape i liked and used it like a cookie cutter to cut out the shape from a slab. then draped it over one of the molds till it firmed up a bit. the simple design was from a tripple toothed comb that i can't stand to use on hair. but the baby likes to play w/ it alot and she was sitting there w/me chewing on it while i was working so i borrowed it (to much screaming) and used it like a stamp. ;)


  1. great fish platter, love the texture and size.

  2. I like the fish platter, but can't work out from what you have written if you made it or just took a plaster cast from a plastic one you had already. If you've made it: it's great. If you've nicked it...shame.

  3. Hi Mark, i did make the cast, and i made the platter too! while making the platter a small piece cracked out of the edge of the cast. not too big, but still can't make another platter w/ the mold the way it is. i need to make another thicker plaster cast so it won't chip again next time. live and learn i guess. glad you like the platter, lets hope it makes it through the glazing! :)