Monday, March 1, 2010

my brain is melting

i must be an idiot. for the life of me i can't figure out that darn glazemaster program. i'll get it eventually but i want it to work NOW and have all my recipes in it NOW and what the heck, i want it to tell me what's a good glaze and what isn't and why not throw some pictures in there too (NOW)?? (and i don't want to do any of the work lol) huhhhhhhhhh... guess i have to keep reading the directions...

i did manage to get some of my chemicals organized and in tidy little containers stacked neatly on the shelves today. looks rather odd when i still have walk-through walls in my studio and tools and building materials everywhere. but my 2 youngest are sick so didn't get much time to myself. it's funny how i'm learning to instantly switch from potter to mom mode. i was in my studio today, just starting to measure out a glaze recipe when kylie woke up. so i jotted down a couple notes and up the stairs i went. she was just coming into the kitchen, i gave her some juice and i went right into loading the dishwasher. now i just have to learn to flip the switch the other way. when i get her asleep i walk into my workspace and stare around like a zombie for a few minutes trying to figure out what to do. it's hard when you never know how long you'll have to work. hopefully when my studio's done and all my stuff is in one place it'll be a little smoother.

so off to bed now, long day of dr appts tomorrow. can you say take-out for dinner?


  1. Life as a Parent and a Potter IS possible!!
    (I did it with four) Keep on potting

  2. thanks GZ, i'm trying! good to hear it's actually possible lol. :)