Monday, March 15, 2010


I finaly got around to posting a few things in my etsy shop. i went through a few boxes of my work being very critical of any flaws. i have several things to use as target practice, a lot of stuff to use myself or give away, and some things to list. i still have several things to type up, and more boxes to go through. i just haven't had a chance to get it all done.

there's way too much stuff on my to-do list. i've got just enough clay left to fill up another bisque load. hopefully by the end of the week i'll be done w/ the wet-work. then i really need to start glazing my last bisque load. not my favorite part i must say, but once i get started it always ends up being not quite as bad as i was expecting it to be. i'll probably end up w/ about 3 glaze loads in all, maybe more. the first load will be mostly orders that i need to fill. at least it's warming up a little and i'll be able to get out there and work a little w/o hauling everything back and forth up the stairs in and out of the house.

my husband said he'll start working on my studio again next weekend. not to much more to do till it's workable, but a long way to go till it's how i want it. we got a little distracted w/ a swingset we bought the kids. whoever came up w/ the plans for that thing has to be a twisted individual. but the kids are happy at least and it'll help get them out of the house and keep them out of my hair lol.

meanwhile the septic tank is backed up again. we're going to have to call somebody in to fix it which will probably entail digging up our yard and replacing the drainage field. lots of $$ and lots of mess. fun-fun. oh well, i'm just wasting time now so so now off to work while the kids are still sleeping.


  1. Kim, I have been looking at etsy recently and have discovered that you can add international postage rates. It might be something to think about as it opens up the whole World to your products? After all you may as well have as large an audience as possible.

  2. oh thanks for reminding me Mark! i'd meant to go back and add the international rates to my listings but forgot. i didn't have time to look it up right then. i agree that a larger customer base is better than not. i used to sell sculptures on ebay and i have to admit that international shipping was a bit of a pain, but no reason to exclude a buyer because they live somewhere else. thanks for the heads up, will take care of it in a bit. :)