Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My new design, with a little help

i'm just so excited about this. i took some of Gracie's artwork (my 6yo daughter) and put them on some plates. i have 4 in all, but couldn't get the 4th to show up in the picture. the 3 are hard enough to see, but i was so excited about it i had to hear what others think. you'll probably have to enlarge the image to see anything.
If they turn out how i see them in my head i think they'll look great, but we'll see. i'm hoping for a white background w/ various colors to fill in the figures, i'd like to have black in the grooves but not sure how that'll happen. maybe a few splashes of color here and there too, not sure. am i nuts?? am i just a proud mom who thinks her daughters artwork is fantastic??


  1. What a cool idea. The drawings are precious. I look forward to seeing the finished plates :)

  2. Hi Kim..yes, cool idea, indeed. have a great weekend. Cheers. T.

  3. Hi Cindy, Hi Trish! glad you like them, i'm excited to see the finished product myself!