Sunday, February 28, 2010

just saw an excellent scary movie

i just had to tell somebody about this movie! if you like scary movies i just finished watching one of the creepiest scariest horror movies i've seen in years. REC is the name of the movie, a spanish subtitled bloodfest about a bunch of people confined to an apt building because of an infection. the infection is something like the rage virus in 28 days later. it had my heart pounding and i was squirming in my seat and biting my nails, literally. in all a great movie if you like lots of suspense and gore. not for everybody i know, but we sure liked it.

haven't had alot to say the last week or so. i fired a bisque load earlier in the week and i'm working on mixing up a few glazes to test out. also bought the glaze master program and i'm trying to figure out how it works and get my recipes programed into it. not much more i'm afraid. i did get a couple more requests for some mugs and other things this week so that's good. i really need to get my etsy shop up and going.

but i'm a bit preoccupied lately w/ what's goign on w/ kylie. we've got an appt w/ a geneticist on tues along w/ an OT eval later that afternoon. just too much to think about...


  1. Hi Kim...glad to see that you 'checked in'.:)..
    sounds like you have lots to deal with right now so, yes,the pots will have to wait..that is ohhkay. :)
    Good luck with all the appointments..
    I went to a cone 6 discussion/presentation last Sunday and the speaker did recommend the glaze master program.
    Scary movies..not for me! :)
    Take great care. Grace and Strength. Trish