Tuesday, February 2, 2010

3 new platters

here's a few pictures of some platters i started yesterday.

i like this one alot. just sort of winged it and this is what happened. there's some ball like feet on the bottom that hold it about 1/4" off the table so i can glaze the bottom too. i think i'll go back and put little holes in the feet so it can be hung on the wall easier.

i used a textured towel to put a subtle texture on this one. the handles are hollow tubes i made w/ my extruder. i just cut a slit and attached them to the slab so it's open inside. not sure about the feet though. i wanted loops so it could be hung on the wall but they remind me of tractor treads. it's growing on me a little but i may still change it.

still have to finish this one. this turned out to be a horse shoe themed tray, sure didn't plan it that way but oh well. used the foot of one of my son's horses for the horse shoe. the the horse is probably 18" tall, should have gotten a picture of me holding hte horse over the clay to get the imprint lol. maybe the horse will fall apart and i can keep a foot... i still have to attach the handles when they dry out a bit and i think will cut out the tray some where the handles join. nothing else has gone as planned on this, i'll probably do something different when i get working on it lol.


  1. Kim..Hi! yeah..great platters! and good progress on the studio...it will be terrific to view the scenery through your french doors :)..breathing in the warm spring air....soon.
    ..have fun. t.

  2. thanks trish, we'll see how they look after they're glazed. i'm not convinced but i almost always feel that way when looking at fresh pieces, once glazed they seem to come alive though. i have a pic of the horseshoe platter finished will post later. :)