Monday, February 8, 2010

i've almost got a kiln load of pots done!! i havent' fired up my kiln since early december. it's been such slow going but i'm finally getting into the groove again and i'm actually getting some things done lately. i'll be bisque firing soon!

the last few days i've gotten several large plates and some tea bowls thrown, and i got an order for 10 ice cream bowls so got them thrown too. and, wonders of all wonders, i got them all trimmed w/o them drying out too much. i did trim right through the bottom of 2 plates and a tea bowl though darnit. oh well... and tonight after i got the munchkins to bed i threw 9 more of my wavy mugs. hadn't planned on making more of them, but i'm really drawn to the loose shape and i tweaked them a bit so i think i'll be very happy w/ the end result.

tomorrow i've got a full afternoon of therapys for my 2 youngest so won't get anything done during the day. but i'm kind of coming up w/ my own 12x12 challenge to motivate me, only my 12 are to be made by midnight instead of noon! i really tried to do michael kline's assignment last week, but there's no way i can get the time to actually make 12 anythings by noon w/ the baby up my butt all day lol. seems like the best time for me to get on the wheel is either when my husband has the kids or after they're in bed which is what i did tonight. of course i only have 9, but i ruined 3 balls of clay experimenting a bit.

in all i feel good about my progress the last couple weeks. it's so nice to feel good about what i'm doing instead of getting down on myself because i can't even find the time to make a mug. plus i got a confidence booster today when i was at the bank drive through. the teller asked me "aren't you the ceramics lady?" (i love small towns lol) turns out she bought a tray from me a couple months back and is really happy w/ it. i've gotten a few other nice complements from customers recently. always nice to hear good things. more in a few days...


  1. Hi "Ceramics Lady"!

    I know what you're saying about the midnight hour. Sometime my schedule gets dumped on with kids home from school closings, etc. I spend a fair amount of time up in the shop after the kid's bedtime! Sometime the "night time is the right time"
    I can also relate to your trim-throughs!! see here.

    Be well!
    Good luck with your firing.

  2. Good day Miss Kim.:)..You HAVE been busy.Yeah! I like your wavy cups and the texture on the tea bowl that had the trim-though:(..
    Yes, quiet, concentrated time to do work when all are tucked in :).
    Hope all goes well with appointments today.
    Take care. T.

  3. the ceramics lady, I love it good for you, you are doing great things,, can't wait to see how those tall wavy mugs turn out.

  4. hi michael, i saw your post about your own trim-through, thought it was pretty funny considering i'd just done it myself lol!

    hi trish! used the steve tool for the texture on that pot, pretty cool tool though i haven't used it that much and could use a little practice.

    hi linda, this is the 2nd batch of those mugs i've made. i learned alot from the first batch so i have high hopes for these. we shall see!