Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I have walls! well, sort of...

my studio is coming along, there are walls now. yes, you can walk through them but that will be fixed soon enough. the electric outlets are next, plus my husband has to run more power over to the corner where the kilns are for the controller i'm getting and also the kiln vent. the broken window has been fixed and we're going to add 2 more windows to the other wall to let in some natural light and for airflow during the summer. and the new item on the list, although probably towards the bottom, are french doors to replace the crappy garage door. we'll have to fill in some space most likely and the siding on the outside will look kind of funky so i think i'm going to make some tiles or somethign to fill in the space between the door and the siding. should be pretty cool.

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