Monday, February 1, 2010

been busy so just a quick update. woke up the other morning to this
it looked like a crystal sculpture. it snows a fair amount here but the snow isn't worth a darn. snow balls fall apart, snow men look kind of pathetic, you can't sled in it very well, and the stuff blows away when the wind blows which is almost constant. we do get some build up here and there, mainly behind the house where a whirl wind is formed between the house and retaining wall. it burried my husbands truck last year while the front yard was almot swept clean by comparasion. skiers like it i hear but last time i skied i couln't stop and almost ended up in the parking lot. quite embarassing considering i was screaming my head off at the time. this snow was so fine it coated everything in this fine white powder and i had to take a picture. of course the picture is nothing compared to what it really looked like but oh well...

here's the soup bowls i've been workign on i'll go over them one more time when they're almost dry but they're headed for the kiln as soon as they're dry.

here's the espresso cup set

and i got a request for another tooth box so here it is.
i think the next one i'm goign to stretch out the roots a bit more and make actual feet. i'm really liking these things, planning on making a few and glazing them in a matt white w/ pastel colors on the inside. the one i made for my daughter is splotchy pink on the inside and i keep thinking of a rotted tooth when i look in there lol. anyway, kids are at school and baby's napping so i'm off to work.


  1. Hi Kim...great work in the studio.. soup bowls look welcoming even with the hot soup yet :)..
    ..and the snow pics..ahh yes, we, too, are waiting for spring.
    .. thanks for your notes on my blog :)Good idea about printing the 'hands' pics in black and white.
    Take care. T.

  2. the tooth boxes are so cute, I bet kids love those, soup bowls are great and it's that kind of weather, love the shot of the trees.

  3. thanks trish! more pics coming in a bit!

    hi linda! glad you like the boxes, they seem to be pretty popular and are fun to make. i suppose it's the sculptor in me coming out :)