Wednesday, January 27, 2010

today was a bust... (not much clay here, sorry)

forgot i had to take the baby to helena for her 1st speech therapy appt and some grocery shopping. kylie's 14mos old and still is not talking. no words at all. the speech therapist suspects she's got severe apraxia, same thing my son has only his was moderate. at this age he had several words and took to signs pretty quickly. kylie shows no interest in the signs at all, like she doesn't make the connection that they're words. the therapist also recommended an OT (occupational therapy) evaluation also. so here we go again... like she doesn't have enough to worry about already. she's being tested for TMAU should get those results back anytime. if she has severe apraxia what in the world is her school life going to be like. bad enough she smells, but can't really talk either?? i'm depressed. poor thing has already been though so much in her short life and now this. the thing that sucks is that all her problems are rare! i'd never even heard of all this till turns out my kids had it. kawasikis, TMAU, apraxia? huh?!? what the f%@#?!? where did all this stuff come from? nobody in either of our families has had any of this stuff. i told my husband if we were dogs we'd have to be spayed/neutered. so now i need to take kylie to helena 2x a week for speech therapy, and possibly OT therapy depending on how the eval goes. did i say it takes about 45mins to get there? we already take my son out there on fridays for OT&PT. will it ever end? guess i'm done venting now...

the one high note today is that i found the die for my extruder i thought i'd lost. i need it to make handles for those soup bowls and it was nowhere to be found, been looking for it for 2 days. i'm so uber organized. NOT! so tomorrow i'll finally get the handles on the soup bowls and let them dry slowly under plastic. maybe while i have the extruder dirty i'll make a couple platters, got an idea for a couple pieces, may as well have a go at it if i have time.


  1. Oh my goodness your poor little one and you too for having to see your little ones deal with all these problems, but look at the huge smile on her face below. Hopefully all these problems will work themselves out and she will move on to uneventful school years. If you are anything like me, you take solace in your clay Hang in there.

    What type of extruder do you have? I was thinking of getting one when I get relocated. So glad you found your die.

  2. hi Linda, yes she is a very happy baby most of the time. none of this stuff is effecting her now and i plan on keeping it that way as long as possible. i'll even home school her to protect her if i have to. the clay really help. it makes me feel so much better about things and i'm so happy i stumbled upon it when i did.

    my extruder is one i bought off of ebay from a guy in canada. TA Metalworks i believe. it works great and the price was right. i got the exturder, expansion box and most of the dies the guy made at the time for the cost of a new bare bones name brand one. had a problem w/ the dies for the expansion box, turned out the problems were mine but he sent me a whole newly designed set at no cost to me. my only complaint is when changing dies it's a little cumbersome as you have to get the wrench out to get the nuts off, but i've got a few ideas and my husband can weld so i may tinker w/ it if i have time. cost was my main concern and for the price this one is perfect.

  3. Kim..oy!!YOu do have your hands full at the moment!.. I did look up the afflictions (diseases does not sound right). Speach therapy will help and she is young yet, so lots of time before the school scene. Grace and Strength to you.
    .glad you found the extruder part:)..that is one tool I do not have, and just so you the slab roller, I am not getting any younger, so decided now was the time ..LOL:).My husband made me a hand held extruder from grease gun parts and for what I do, it works tres well.
    I will check out the TA Metalworks, you still have the info on this?
    (this is the second writing of this post as I forgot to sign in and then lost most of it!.grrr.,)so probably missed something..anyways, I must get some dinner started..the sun is setting and shining orange on our white pallett of snow..pretty.
    Take care. T.

  4. Hi Gary :)

    Thanks Trish. yes, hands full here but the kids are healthy and that's what's most important. I'll do what i have to, just want the best for them and hate for kylie to have to go through all this.

    here's a link to the guy's store where i got my extruder i don't have much to base my opinions on as i've never used another extruder, but i think everything's made pretty well and i've had no problems w/ mine other than the dies and i was the one who goofed there. all the extrusions come out pretty clean too. anyway, dinner time for us too :)