Tuesday, January 5, 2010

homemade yogurt

ok, this has nothing to do w/ clay, i admit it... i made some homemade yogurt yesterday, still haven't decided if i like it or not. it was easy enough, just really tart! and a little runny. the kids really like that premade stuff in the store but it's pricey and so full of sugar. if i can figure out a way to sweeten and thicken this stuff i'll probably try it again. but for now i've got a GALLON of yogurt to experiment with. (god forbid i start out w/ a small batch...) think i'll try some jello mixed in, maybe that'll work. maybe put it in some individual containers for them to snack on. maybe i'll mix it up in one of the batter bowls i made. there. there's the clay reference. ;)


  1. Good day, Kim...:) love the yogurt comments. I have not made fresh yogurt, but maybe some honey to sweeten would be acceptable.
    Good luck with your studio 'building'. It will be a good sized space. I must get to the January cleaning of mine..which is considerably smaller:)..
    I made a post this morning..do you have any advice on slab rollers?
    Have a great day! Trish from Alberta

  2. hi trish, was going to try honey but it's all crystalized and don't feel like messing w/ it. i did try some SF peach jello and the kids like it pretty good. actually they ate it up and all the peach is now gone lol. i also used some instant vanilla pudding in some and it's pretty good too, tastes like a cheesecake (it's almost gone too lol). still have lots left to experiment w/ but i think i'll keep making it provided the kids like it. so far so good though.
    still haven't even made it out into the garage to even start cleaning. it's cold out there and i just can't bring myself to do it. maybe tomorrow...

  3. Hi KIm...thanks for replying on my page, too..About the ligularia leaf..it is one I planted (as in it isn't wild), but it does like shadey and damp. I have mine on the north side of my garage. But you could try good 'ole rhubarb. It will grow anywhere, I think if you water it and the leaves make great impressions...AND you could use the fruit with your yogurt! :)..Also, hollyhocks like dry places. Have a great eve. Cheers, t.

  4. trish you're a genius! we have a huge rhubarb plant and it never occured to me to use it, duh. i already chop and freeze the fruit for preserves/pies and whatnot, never thought of yogurt either. i'd love to have lots of plants & veg gardens but it's yet another thing on the list of wants that i just don't have time for right now. maybe when the kids are older...