Sunday, January 10, 2010

yucky day

i'm sick. i hate being sick. just been a couch potato all day and i'm bored. tried playing the wii but the kids came and took it over. that's ok, my hands start hurting if i play too long. only so much tv one can watch, got hooked on Ax Men for a couple hours lol.

we have made some progress on my studio though. Thursday (i think) i went out and got it all cleaned, everything boxed up, and lots of stuff trashed. i was very refreshing to take a hammer to all that work i had that just wasn't up to par. i filled up a whole garbage can! sure does look bigger w/o all that clutter laying around everywhere. i actually remembered to take a few pictures after i'd been working about an hour or so, but the camera's in the kitchen and i'm not budging off this couch for now, i'll post them later lol.

We went to home depot on friday and got lots of insulation for the ceiling and foundation walls, and Kyle (hubby/studio handyman) got the insulation up in the ceiling space on Saturday. the ceiling won't be finished w/ drywall for awhile, it's probably 11-12' up there and i just want things to be functional for now. he's putting poly up there to keep the insulation in for now. we will finish off the walls since i want to be able to clean them when they need it, and i think we'll be putting in a couple windows so i can have lots more natural light - yeah! for some reason i didn't think he'd go for that idea, but it'll be hot and stuffy in there in the summer w/o them. he also wants to put up a couple ceiling fans to even out the heat in the winter and help w/ air flow in the summer time. i think it's a great idea. doesn't sound like running water will be in the picture for quite awhile, too much work and expence for now. but he's got a couple 55gallon drums we can put on a stand and fill w/ water. he says we can put on an insta-hot whatsit for how water out there too. he's a plumber, i'm leaving that part up to him. the sink will have to drain into a bucket also, but i figure i can put it on wheels and just wheel it out in the yard to empty it out. it's better than what i've got now so no complaining on my part. and i'm already used to being conservative on water so we don't have to pump out the septic so often.

so now i'm going to search out possible plans for where everything can go. i know i've seen some diagrams online somewhere, jsut have to find them. kyle wants me to have a rough plan so he doesn't have to go back and change anything later. will post the pictures in a bit...


  1. Kim...sorry to hear that you are on the 'sick list'..crappy!..
    Good progress on your studio. There are books on studio set up/design, but I don't know the names at the moment. The water idea is terrific and you are lucky to be able to just dump it. And putting a 'whatzit' in to give you some warm water!! yeah! cheers. T.
    Take care and get well.

  2. hi trish, i have a couple 'plan your studio' books around here somewhere, going to try to find them today. found a couple ideas online too so by the weekend i'll hopefully have a floorplan of sorts. pix today! ;)