Friday, January 22, 2010

got my hands dirty again today!

Sometimes it amazes me how much better I feel after I've worked with clay for a bit. My husband was home today so he took the kids while I got some things thrown. started out w/ a set of 4 espresso cups and saucers, made 4 yunomis, haven't made or used any of these before, but I'm seeing them everywhere so figured I'd try some out to see what all the fuss is about. also got my order of 10 soup bowls thrown again, last time they dried out too much to trim and add handles. I'll post some pictures after i get them trimmed.

i definitely need to come up w/ some sort of damp cabinet for my new studio. wrapping in plastic works OK, but sometimes it's several days before i can get back to a piece and I've had so many dry out on me. I'm thinking of taking one of those big rolling wire racks from Costco and wrapping it in plastic. just have to figure out something for a door, maybe some velcro...

work on my studio is coming along very slowly, but we'll get there. there's really only one day a week we (aka my husband lol) can really work on it. all the insulation and poly is up in the ceiling, and the foundation walls are wrapped in thick foam board insulation. we also bought the wood for the wall, haven't put any of it together just yet though. i can't wait to get it done, working in the spare bedroom just isn't cutting it.

i hate to do it but we're also going to put a small TV and space for the kids in there too. there's something called a frog swing that my son's OT uses w/ him, it doesn't take up too much room and looks pretty easy to make. it'll give him some of the input he craves and help him stay calm hopefully. (he's got sensory issues and can be a real hand full) plus i can pull it up out of the way when the kids aren't out there. as for the TV, it's not my favorite way to keep the kids occupied, but they usually get to watch it for an hour or so each day and it'll help keep them out of my hair while i try to get some work done. i don't have the TV on when i work, i usually listed to books on tape w/ my headphones. so i can put it out of the way somewhere.
have to go deal w/ a melt down now, love him to death but sometimes that boy drives me crazy...

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