Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I feel so productive lol!

this probably sounds silly to someone who can sit all day and throw pots, but i feel like I've gotten so much done in the last few days! not all that much really, but compared to what i usually get done I'm happy.

this is my make shift damp cabinet. works fine for now. i finally got my soup bowl order all ready for handles. the bowls will hang on a pot rack and she wanted bears, so i have 5 bears stamped around the outside and one on the inside too. i put a little swirl on the bottom too since it'll be visible when not in use. hopefully I'll get the handles on tomorrow (fingers crossed!)

i forgot about this set of nesting bowls I'd made. i never had time to trim them and of course they dried out even though wrapped in plastic. figured it couldn't' hurt so i trimmed them up anyway (love my new dolan tool lol) the feet aren't how I'd have done it if the clay was soft, but i may have saved them, we'll see...

here's a tumbler and some cups i made, one of the cups got trashed of course. i think the cups are too small but I'm liking the lines on the outside, it reminds me of the mountains out our front window. can't go overboard on them though like on the plate below, think it's a bit much.
found this plate and 2 larger platters that I'd never gotten around to trimming. they were wrapped in plastic and they were still wet enough to trim - yeah! this is what stopped me from trimming up that last plattershe's standing on my foot that's on the petal, that's why i went overboard on the lines on that plate, little stinker!


  1. nice to meet ya, now I shall look around a bit :)

  2. Kim...great work! and yes, the dryng tub is perfect for now. :)...The 'mountains' on your tumblers are close to my heart as that is the kind of thing I like to do too..carving, Yeah!.
    I must get back to work after my break...spending time catching up with 'you all'.:) Hope you are having a productive day today as well. Cheers. T.

  3. Hi Gary!

    Hi to you too Trish! i've always like carved pieces. i haven't done alot of it but it's a bit like sculpting which i've always enjoyed. more to come maybe?