Monday, January 11, 2010

well here's some pictures of my soon to be studio. it's cleaned up a bit now and the insulation is in the ceiling, but you get the idea. it'll probably be awhile before it's done though. the measurements are actually around 27x13 according to hubby. i can never remember that stuff.
this is where all the main part of the studio will be. i figure the sink and glazing area on the back wall and line the side walls w/ ware racks. that table is a couple of full sheets of plywood and is about as sturdy as it gets. i'm wondering if i should cut it down a little? guess i'll have to see how much room is there when the wall goes up. this is the end where the kilns are. will probably have clay storage down there and my wedging table, probably the extruder somewhere around there too. i'd love to eventually replace the garage door w/ some french doors or something. there's a fantastic view out that way and it'd be nice to be able to see something.
here's the view taken last winter
tried to get these to line up but not sure how. the one on the bottom should be on the right. those are the elkhorn mountains out there. we bought our house sight unseen while living in VA, had no idea about the view. imagine our suprise when we got to MT! we're on the end of a small ridge and the antelope and deer are all over the place out there, it's so cool to watch them. although when they devour the neighbors plantings it's not so good...


  1. Wow! how beautiful is the view! You are a lucky girl to look on that every day. Is that your small community in the background? The studio will be terrific and yes, don't cut the table down until your space is finished and know how much room you need to move around your space.
    :) have fun. T.

  2. hi T, the center of the town is in the top picture to the right. it's about 2miles down the highway. at night you can see the lights spread out 'like a fairytail' as my daughter's friend said. it's very pretty. in the bottom picture on the right is Canyon Ferry Lake. it's frozen over now and people are ice fishing on it. nothign new to you i'm sure but i grew up where it's hot and flat adn the idea of going out on that frozen lake, in my truck no less, really scares the pants off me LOL!