Monday, January 4, 2010

trying to get back into the swing of things...

man what a hectic few weeks!  had a great time but i'm so glad to be getting things back to normal.  i just got the tree out onto the patio (let my husband take care of it from there lol) and am getting all the christmas crap packed back up.  by the way, when i'm getting ready for christmas i call it all decorations and ornaments.  when it's time to come down, well, i call it crap.  i'm sick of looking at it and i want it out of here! 
on the clay front there's absolutely nothing new.  although we did go to home depot over the weekend to price wood, insulation, and drywall to see how much it'll cost to get my studio space operational.  by studio i don't mean my space in the tiny spare bedroom, but the 3rd bay of our garage that i want to wall off, insulate and heat.  that'll give me about 13'x24' to work in and it'll be all mine!  not huge by any means, but better than anything i've had before and by storing things such as chemicals and whatnot in the unheated part of the garage i should have plenty of room.  well... for now anyway lol.  so  everything out there that's just been thrown wherever it happens to land needs to be cleaned up, organized, and put away.  pulling my hair out just thinking about it.  oh well, it's got to be done, that way my husband can get to work on getting the wall up this weekend.   
i also have some orders for soup bowls and a dinner set i need to get working on. 
baby's crying now of course.  will post before and after pictures of my future studio, can't wait to get it done! :)

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