Saturday, December 19, 2009

who's got time to blog???

i'm soooo busy! who isn't, right? xmas shopping, wrapping presents & jumping to hide everything when the kids come sneaking up the stairs lol. lots of baking, shopping (way too much of that) decorating, yadda yadda yadda... not to mention drooling over a bull mastiff puppy i want really, really bad... i will get back to business after the holidays, got some stuff to show you but no time now. hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  1. Kim...:)yes, there does seem to be a lull in the blogging activity...everyone so busy, and sounds like you are SUPER busy:) with the children for sure...I am actually tending a glaze fire tonight...started late so will be up 'til one or two a.m. probably...These are pieces from my handbuilding class so I want to get the pieces to the students before Christmas..:) ..had to leave some of my pieces out, so will maybe even try to get another firing in before Wednesday!!
    Anyways...have a wonderful Christmas with you and yours.!

  2. I'm the youngest of 12, so baking is usually a big part of my gift giving. I'm panicing right now because I haven't even began!! oH wELL :)

  3. 12! Yikes! DH wants 8, i say he's very lucky if he gets #4, the 3 i have are wearing me out! I'm getting alot of my baking done today, although i'm not doing nearly as much as i usually do. i envisioned lots of bowls, mugs, and cookie jars filled w/ goodies to give for xmas, but never found the time to do it. oh well, maybe next year... now back to the kitchen, my ipod is finished so time to unplug and get back to cooking!