Monday, December 7, 2009

computer time

i'm giving myself this week to get my online stuff taken care of - website, etsy, today i'm working on my website, fun fun fun... i've been putting this off for awhile, but i got lots of pictures on friday so there's no excuse anymore. have to get them all uploaded and get the links working properly, it'll probably take all darn day but gotta get it done.

and after the dismal sales on saturday (weather horrible and nobody i saw did that great) i've decided to take a step back and approach what i'm doing from a different angle. i've been in the go-go-go mode trying to get as much work done as fast as possible. making things before i really think about how they can be used. for example- its really cold here and there are alot of fire places and whatnot. so i made a few fire place match holders, tall ones and short ones, planning on getting some strike anywhere matches to put inside to sell. short ones worked out great, no problem finding the matches, but the tall ones are useless. can't find anything but saftey matches, even checked online. don't think they even make them. plus i just have too much variety. too many colors. too many styles. trying to please everybody. for now on i'm just going to try to please myself first. not worry about anybody else. there will be less stuff to haul around, less stuff to pack up.

i'm finding that the work from other people that i like best is stuff that you can look at and say 'looks like so&so made that'. there's a continunity across most of their work. not sure if that makes sense, but that's what i want. my own voice if you will. so that's what i'm going to find.

here's a picture of some mugs i made that i'm really liking. hard to get pictures though, and this wasn't my favorite color combo of the bunch. i think the handle needs a little more tweaking, i want to attach it a little differently and thin it out in spots. probably make it a little shorter too. it's a left/right handed mug and it's very comfy to hold, at least to me. happend by accident actually, i threw the mug bodies and they just screamed for a non-typical handle. we'll see how it all turns out.

but first thing i have to call the septic guy. should have gotten the setpic system inspected before buying this house. been here 2+ yrs and have had it pumped 3 times already. couple hundred bucks a pop, but it's better than the thousands it'd cost to have the leaching field repaired/replaced. it keeps overflowing into the downstairs (basement) shower and flooding a couple rooms. luckily so far it's just been teh water from the washing maching and not the other stuff that goes into a septic system. i've been pretty careful about getting clay in there thank goodness...

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