Friday, December 4, 2009

Home stretch

that's what today feels like anyway.  fired kiln load #4 last night, i felt like the puzzle master trying to fit it all in there.  it took 2x as long to load. unload. reload. switch this piece for that one. you get the idea. but when i put the final tray in the top and closed the lid i felt like i'd scored a home run. for about 2 seconds. till i remembered the large covered caserole and the plate I left sitting on the dining room table that i forgot to go back upstairs to get.  crap.  no way it'd fit in there anyway so i just turned it on and walked away. plus it was about 3*F in the garage and my nose was just about frozen solid.  so... i really want to go out there and take the plugs out to start cooling the stuff quicker, maybe i could fire it again tonight and take the literally hot pots to the show tomorrow.  probably could but the pots would suffer for it i think.  plus i'm over it.  i need a break.  actually what i need is to get myself organized so i don't do this mad dash at the end next time.  my studio (aka spare bedroom/dining room/kitchen) is a literal disaster area. i need more space & more shelving.  got to get to work on the wall in the garage.
so today in stead of throwing I'm taking pictures. who was i kidding anyway, i'd have go on a cleaning spree just to get to the wheel it's so bad in there. well... almost.  so it's time to break out that new ez cube thingie i bought and the graduated background what-u-ma-call-it and see what i can come up w/.  if nothing it's a sunshiny day outside, i can bundle up and take my stuff out there.  we'll see.  first i have to get off my butt, get off this computer and get out of my pjs.  so i'm off... stay tuned for pictures (hopefully lol)  ;)


  1. Have a great day Kim..looking forward to the pictures!.. North of you today there is definately NO sunshine.--can hardly see across the street because of the snowflakes! Must get busy too. Cheers. Trish from Alberta

  2. Kim...p.s. just checked your response to my first comment... I cannot get your email off of your blog info (my computer problems,not yours). Hopefully mine shows up for you. :-) looking forward to chatting..Trish

  3. Here I am again!! just to inform that I have set up a blogspot..yeah..connected! -good thing to do on a blizzardy day- to get some photos too! Cheers. T.