Tuesday, December 8, 2009

pretty good day

pretty good day today. got alot done on my website. still needs work, lots of empty pages but i'm getting there. signed up for an etsy seller account. didn't list anything yet, have to figure out what to put up there. don't expect i'll move a whole lot but it'll be something. need to get some of this stuff out of here. have lots i need to introduce to the sledge hammer, but it's hard to do. but i have to face it, nobody will want the stuff, including me lol...

i did manage to get my ha-ha 'studio' cleaned a bit. being the amateur blogger that i am i forgot to take a before picture, or even have my camera on me for that matter. but this is the cleaned part, picture taken w/ my cell phone.

of course this is where i stacked everything, it's all still there... (and no, this isn't all i have, just what was sitting around that i can't figure otu what to do with.)

and this is what my 1yo helper contributed to the effort. thanks Kylie!

(my current favorite picture of the little scamp!)


  1. Kim..good job on the cleaning of your studio space!..lol..yes, organizing the 'other' stuff is a bit of a problem sometimes...what to do/where to put it! I like the opening pic on your website too, same colour combo as the mugs in your other post :).it will all come together for you. And how adorable is your daughter!:)..such a little 'helper'...my daughter turns 27 in January!! --don't blink, as time passes so quickly--
    Have a great creative day!. Cheers. T

  2. thanks trish! the brown on the mugs is different glaze than on the bowlsl, hard to tell in the pics though. i like the combo on the bowls a little better, still looking for that WOW factor though. i'll get there, i'm just impatient :) 27 huh? i don't even want to think about that lol...