Monday, December 7, 2009

hey i got a follower!

what do you know. Hi fetishghost guy! love your cups, gotta get me one sometime, maybe some jewelry too ;)


  1. HI Kim...I like the mugs!.and I don't mind the colour combo..reminds of wide open skies and beautiful summer hills.:)
    Good luck on the website. I am not trying that just yet. will be happy to be on your follower list if I can figure that out..
    and good luck with the septic..yes, do get that fixed up..can be nasty if you don't...
    Cheers. T.

  2. Hey Trish, i haven't figured out the follower thing either, i just put everybody in my favorites blog folder. hadn't thought of the colors in such nice terms, very cool and actually looks like the few out my front window! :)