Tuesday, February 9, 2010

went to archie bray today

here's a picture of one of my favorite sculptures on the grounds at archie bray. i haven't been everywhere there is to go there, but i pass this by everytime i go to the clay biz and it always catches my eye. i don't know what it is about this grouping, but i just love it. i want it in my front yard lol. i'll get some closer pictures when the snow's gone.
i really do just love that place. there's sculptures big and small everywhere you look and everybody's always so friendly. i can't believe i didn't know it was even here when we made the decision to move to MT. i remember being worried i wouldn't be able to find a local place to get supples, little did i know lol. i haven't had a chance to take any classes or workshops there but i hope to sometime. they're not exactly cheap, but i suppose what you learn and who you learn it from would be quite valuable. my problem is finding the time to do it esp considering it takes me almost an hour to get there. but i was in helena today for therapies for my kids and had to go by to get the colbalt and copper carbs that the guy forgot to give me last time. the guys are so helpful in there and sometimes i feel like a total moron talking to them (i really have alot to learn!) but i feel comfortable in there at the same time. i hated the place i had to go to when we lived in VA. the ladies in there were rude, unhelpful, and just plain snotty, but that was the only place to go that wasn't 2+ hrs away. after dealing w/ them for a coule years the first time i went into the clay business at archie bray it was complete culture shock. they were so nice and helpful and never made me feel like an idiot.

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