Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I got my 12x12!!

what a great day for me so far lol, kylie decided to take a nap this morning and i actually got 14 pieces thrown before she woke up. small pieces yes, but i'll take what i can get. i made 4 ring holders, 8 ramekins, a mug for my 6yo, and my mom suggested a holder for eye glasses so i'm tinkering w/ the idea and made one. who knows if it'll work or not but we'll see. i'm lucky if mine make it off my face and on to the night stand before i'm asleep lol.

i'd planned on making this stuff last night but kylie wouldn't go to sleep and man was she awful. maybe that's why the nap this morning. so now i'm off to helena after lunch to take the kiddos to their therapies, not likely to have more wheel time till after the munchkins are in bed. hopefully i'll have the energy tonight to finish up those kids dinner sets.

and on a quick personal note, i think i may have found a doctor in PA that will be able to help kylie w/ her smell. he's going to get in touch tomorrow or thurs for some more info, but so far he doesn't think she's got TMAU thank goodness. very exciting after so long waiting for an answer.


  1. Kim..sounds and looks like a Super day all'round. Yeah! good news re: the doctor..keep us posted. :) and congrats on the 12x12.!
    Hope things went well this afternoon.
    Cheers. Trish

  2. I like the eye glasses holder idea. You sure got a lot done during that nap :) I hope all goes well at the Doc.

  3. hi cindy, ive learned to work quickly lol. guess there's one advantage to working in short spurts. she's just zonked out again so i'm off to work ;)