Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gracie's plates

Dont know how these will turn out once they're fired but they're lookin good so far... I put black underglaze in the lines and they're colored in w/ underglaze crayons, hope the color doesn't burn out. Unfortunately the 4th one cracked when i bisqued it.

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  1. Those plates are really cute. I'm looking forward to seeing them after fired.

  2. The plates look really great. I have a couple of underglaze pencils, but have never tried them. Do you use them when the plate is green, leather hard, or dry? I mostly have gravitated toward the colored slip so far. Good luck with the firing.

  3. These are so cute! But I'm confused - did you draw these or Gracie?

  4. hi linda, i used underglaze crayons on this. i have some underglaze pencils too, i use both on bisque. never tried it on greenware, i suspect it'd carve into the surface instead of leaving much of a mark but honestly i'm not sure about that. i thought of colored slip here too, but don't have any made and thought the crayons would go better w/ the childlike theme.

    hey undaunted, i took gracie's artwork and transferred it to the plates by carving the design into leather hard clay. then after bisqued i put underglaze in the carved lines and colored w/ the underglaze crayons in the closest colors i had to what she used. so i decorated, but the design came from the big munchkin. when i come up w/ a final design and method of making any $ made from these will go into her bank acct for college $$. :)

  5. They're so cute! I'm not surprised you wanted to use the drawings!

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  7. Kim,
    I love Gracie's drawings and am glad you have transferred them to your pots...
    I'll be in Montana in August. I'll fly into Helena and then head to Whitefish-are you on the way?

  8. whitefish is up north and to the west a bit, i'm 35mi south east :(
    i believe there's a few potters up that way, you're not doing a workshop or anything are you?

  9. You are so sweet... maybe one day you'd come to visit, and then I'll give you some of my works...
    I love Gracie's drawings on the pots, did you already fire them? I have never used underglaze pencils, I guess I prefer to cut into the clay, and fill it with slip like the "tire marks", but maybe after see it fired, I might change my opinion.