Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my tooth fairy boxes are too small!!

you guessed it, gracie lost another tooth tonight. that thing was so loose she actually pulled it out herself after i tied the string on it. no dramatics like last time. well, not much anyway. she of course wanted to use one of the new tooth fairy boxes and suprise, suprise she chose the gruesome pink one lol. so she stuck her tooth in there and rubberbanded it together to keep the tooth safe. turns out the tooth fairy couldn't fit the money in there! the fairy had to fold the money up as small as it would get and tie a little ribon around it to keep it folded. then shove it in the box as far as possible and thank goodness for the rubberbands lol. there's definitely somethign to be said for using your own work. i've learned a huge amount just using my crappy 2nds around the house.

so... note to self... bigger boxes! no more dark colors on the inside. and i think i'll put the words "TOOTH FAIRY" on the outside so there's no confusion ;)


  1. I never would have thought of a tooth fairy box being too small, back when I was a kid a dime would have fit just perfect, Ha! At least the tooth fit. Great advice to use your own stuff to work out the kinks, I need to follow that advice myself.

  2. hi linda, yeah, i used to get silver dollars and 1/2 dollars, all those coins i wasn't allowed to spend. gracie got $2 in her too small box and complained it wasn't $10!! i guess some of her friends at school get $5-10, and she informed me that on the 8th tooth the tooth fairy brings you a big toy. where do people come up w/ this stuff. it's absolutely rediculous. like i don't buy her stuff all the time. (i'm getting worked up here, i better stop lol.

    i've learned so much using my own stuff, any new designs i come up w/ you can bet i try them out in my own home first. i'd hate to see something that stays in the back of the cabinet and ends up at the thrift store.

  3. Why not revert to the original money-making process? LOL! You can tell your kids to put their lost teeth under their pillow, in the meantime, until you make bigger boxes. Don't forget to buy more rubber bands for reinforcement. Hahaha!

    - Aurea Robillard