Monday, May 10, 2010

how come i can never come up w/ a catchy title?!?

just a few quick pictures. i finished up this square caserole today, i love how it turned out.

playing around w/ a new mug design, not happy just yet, but i'm getting there

and here's my 1st attempt at goblets. they're a bit tall i think, kyle says they look more like a chalice and i need to get out the gold overglaze lol.

lots more stuff on the ware rack, seems i'm not keeping the promise i made to myself not to let the greenware build up. i just can't help myself though, i get an idea and i have to go w/ it. after exploring the Bray over the weekend now i have yard sculptures on the brain lol. too bad i don't have a huge kiln to put the stuff in...

i think i've figured out the secret to working w/ kylie around. everything has to be up above her level, esp whatever i'm working on. i still can't throw w/ her around since my wheel is set up to throw while sitting. but when we move it out to my new studio space we'll put it up on cinderblocks and i'll start standing up to throw. the only thing on her level will be stuff she can't get into, and i'll put something out to keep her busy. today it was a small bucket of water and a couple of tools i don't use very often. worked like a charm! next time maybe i'll give her a rag w/ the bucket and see if she'll clean anything lol.

so the kids are in bed and it's time for me to get to work.


  1. Hi to see your work! I do like the goblets..;)..and the mugs.:)..lots of work going on in your studio..and a trip to the Bray for Mothers Day ! how super!...
    Good to finally take time this eve to see how people are doing..It has beeen toooo long for me..and I must get a new post up too

  2. Wow, I really liked your caserole dish... and then I saw your goblets! They are to die for! What a beautiful shape. (I made some slab built cups that I was calling "goblets" but really they are nothing like a goblet shape! I just didn't know what else to call them!)

  3. Hi All, thanks for the nice complements!

  4. Hi Kim, The goblets are looking good, nice transition from stem to bowl :)

  5. thanks Charles, your post helped alot :)