Monday, June 14, 2010


just a few quick shots of some new greenware. lots of it is in the kiln already so you'll have to wait to see the finished work.

i'm rather proud of this one. it's a whiskey flask/shotglass set. wheel thrown and hand built. hope it survives the fire. this is the first set like this i've made, will make a few improvements on the next one but i'm pretty pleased w/ the 1st attempt.

these are my new mugs. some of them anyway. i've got about 20 of them, some are better than others but i'm liking where these are going. have i showed you this picture yet?? can't remember. they're in the kiln though...

here's a big bowl i made but darn it! it almost flew off the wheel head when i was trimming. tore a huge chunk out of the rim of it but i was determined to save it and i did! i evened out the chunk, cut a matching piece from the other side and added the handles. i'm rather pleased w/ this one too. the handles are pulled and each end is split so it attaches inside and outside of the bowl. i jsut hope there are no unseen cracks. and what the heck do i call it now?? bowl? basket? whatchamacallit?

here's my flower vase/swamp vase/ whatever they are. i have no idea what to call these things. seeing all the parts together in the bin reminded me of a bed of sea anemones (i think). most of them are in thrown bowls, one is in a slab bowl. i think i like the slab one the best. although the altered thrown bowls are ok too.  next time i'll leave the tubes simpler for the thrown bowls i think.  one bowl also has a split rim, man those things are fragile! must be more careful w/ them next time.

i've had a few sales on etsy lately and i'm pretty excited about that. i've been working the shop though, relisting like crazy. takes a little time but i think it's paying off. still trying to build my inventory, but man! photography. computer stuff.  i wish i could just make pots! 

so gracie has a friend over tonight, kylie and cooper are both zonked out in their beds. i really should go down to my studio, but considering i have to get up at 4am on mondays i'm kind of pooped! plus kylie was a bit of a screaming meanie today. well. more than a bit actually, but she's so darn cute! so... i already got some good studio time in today, the kiln is cooling, so unless the girls come bug me i'm off to bed myself. 'night!


  1. Mmm, Mumm GOOD!! Your creativity is in full gear now. Your greenware is just lovely.
    :) Cindy

  2. I like the big bowl Kim. Isn't it strange how often pottery accidents can lead to inspiration? What the heck is a swamp vase?

  3. Thanks Cindy!

    Hi Mark, yes inspiration comes from some odd places sometimes doesn't it? i've even had ideas while watching cartoons w/ my kids lol. i THINK a swamp vase is one where the water goes in the bottom bowl, and the flowers are held upright in the tubes. there's holes in the tubes so the water can get in. i've seen several styles, i like the concept alot. i'm thinking there are other names for it but not sure what they are.

  4. Good work, Kim!!..and yes, saving the bowl no matter what turned out fab!!;)

  5. what a whole lot of work, great whiskey flask set.

  6. thanks trish! where you been??!?!!

    thanks linda!