Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my computer bites the big one

i took a ton of pictures today. probably at least 200 maybe more before the battery died on my camera. so i'm sitting here uploading all sorts of pictures to my facebook page and my flickr page and all the sudden my computer shuts off my browser. grrrr.... some kind of security feature. guess i really had the data flying. so now i have to figure out where the downloads left off and pick and choose the pictures again. i've said it before, i'll say it again. can't i just make pots!??!!

some good news today though! i got the number for a lady who has a daycare in her house from a friend. i gave her a call today and she's going to be watching all 3 kiddos all day on thursdays! more studio time for me! yeah! plus my husband takes the kids for one full day on the weekends so that's 2 full days for me to make pots! no computers. no cameras. just clay. woo-hoo!  now lets just hope kylie cooperates and doesn't have a complete and total meltdown.

if it works out and i decide i want more time she can take them for a 2nd day, but not sure if i'll do that or not.  my kiln is only so big and the spinny thing in the electric meter spins like the tazmanian devil when i've got my kiln going. the electric company probably thinks i'm growing pot or something.

so now i'm off to re-upload my pictures. check 'em out and let me know what you think!


  1. what a great idea to have a day alone with the clay!
    That is how I got here I started out as daycare for a woman at Jugtown pottery- next thing I know she is teaching me to make pots!

  2. You'd probably make more money growing pot.
    For heavens sake let the woman have your kids for two days...or sell them to white slavers when things get too desperate! Go pot(tery)!

  3. meredith it's fascinating to me to hear how others got started working in clay.

    lol mark i think you're right. thanks for the chuckle. i may just take your advice on the babysitting, and don't think i haven't thought of the white slaver thing lol

  4. Kim...hi there!!..
    What a treat for you to find a sitter for your children...yeah for people who love that work!..
    have fun in your studio..

  5. That's wonderful news about the babysitter; Kylie may balk at first but she'll acclimate; those darn computers I don't know much about them but I usually start off with shutting down, then turning on, defragmenting, running virus scans, turning off and then on again and things seem to be ok.