Monday, June 7, 2010

studio progress and an etsy treasury

just found myself in a very nice etsy treasury, wish i could get a picture of it on here but can't figure it out. here's the link if you'd like to see for yourself.

 i've been a busy girl this weekend. my husband came home and took pity on me, so saturday i had the whole day to myself to tinker around in my studio.  i didn't even have to cook lunch for everybody! of course a fried weenie sandwich isn't the healthiest thing in the world but that's the extent of my husband's cooking abilities lol. i also had a few sales this weekend which is always a confidence booster so i'm feeling better about things the last few days.

so here's some pictures of some of the stuff i've made in the last few days. i've also got about 20 mugs sitting out there in a bin just waiting for handles.

here's a pic of my new improved tooth box design. this one was made on the wheel then carved and sculpted after it dried a bit. i think it looks much nicer than my previous ones, and there's plenty of room for the tooth fairy to fit the $$ in there. i also gave a try on a larger tooth bank. had an inquiry about one so i thought i'd give it a try. turned out pretty good i think!
 here's a custom wedding platter i made for a wedding gift for a friend. notice the date? talk about waiting till the last minute! of course i let it dry too quickly and it cracked in the middle but oh well. besides, after i made it i seemed to remember something almost exactly like it on etsy, though couldn't find it when i looked for it.  i'm not one to directly rip off someone's ideas so i suppose it's just as well. i've got a few ideas for improvements though so i'm excited to get to work on another, more original piece.
 i had some extra scraps from handles so i twisted them up and made some kiln fillers. uh, pendants i mean. i don't know, they just look like christmas ornaments to me. i also made a ton more from scrap slab bits, forgot to get pictures of those though. lots of pendants, earrings, and bracelet parts. i'm trying to make the most of each firing so filling every little gap lol.

here's my drying rack, not full but it's a start.

now kylie has decided to climb all over me so i better go before she turns into the screaming meanie. it's been a good day today so far (except that fit when she first woke up, she's not a morning person at all!) don't want to push it! think i'll try to take her out to my studio and see how that goes. keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Your tooth boxes are amazing! I don't think I saw the ones you made before, so I can't compare, but I really like these ones!

    I thought it was interesting what you said about the plate - thinking it looked familiar after you had made it. It's funny how things can seep into our minds without us even noticing sometimes. Someone at the show asked me what inspired the shape of the Jane Austen pitchers, and for life of me I don't know!! I keep looking on the net to see if I have seen a jug/pitcher with a collar before but I can't find anything. Is it possible that I actually invented it all by myself?? Probably not!!

  2. you know you are putting us to shame- I always figure i have a year to get a gife out!
    And next time i need a tooth I am calling you.
    I bet I paid way more then you are charging for these.
    Can you do back molars?
    Cute idea!

  3. The tooth cups are so cool and a tooth bank to save the tooth fairy mney; great idea, I have been trying to use up every last bit of clay too making all kinds of small items, tiles pendants, etc. It seems no matter how many small things I have ever made there was always room to squeeze in more in another load and the tiles or pendants are good to use as tests for something I want to try at the last minute. So happy Kylie's having a good day.

  4. Oh congrats on the etsy treasury, it's so nice to see the color ones as they are great inspiration for decorating ideas.

  5. undaunted, i think the old boxes were pictured back in march or april, not sure. i know i haven't seen any pitchers like the ones you made so maybe you made it up all by yourself?!

    meredith, the only reason i made the platter this soon is i wanted to show an example of a custom item. a bit selfish on my part but they're going to benefit so it works for me. probably wouldn't have made something this elaborate for them but again, my benefit lol. oh, and don't think i could make a tooth quite as small as you'd need lol.

    linda, my oldest loves the tooth boxes. she's been trying out the various experiments, perfect timing, she's lost about 7 teeth lately lol. and good idea about the decorating, hadn't thought of that!

    and i just want to thank everybody again for the kind words about my screaming meanie.